About HammerOut CrossFit

HammerOut is a training facility largely concentrated around the CrossFit ideology of high intensity, functional movements, in a group environment. It was started in 2012 by Jeremiah Hilterbrand.  Jeremiah became passionate about CrossFit after discovering it as a personal trainer and partnered with Kay Boykin to make it available to people who not only wanted more out of their workout routines but also wanted to be able to use the fitness they were training for, in their everyday lives. In 2014 Sue Taylor became a partner with Jeremiah.  Sue Taylor is the current owner of HammerOut CrossFit with the primary goal of offering physical fitness programs in that will improve the overall health and fitness of people in Lenoir and surrounding counties, one athlete at a time. It has since developed into a close-knit community of people who love to workout, push and support each other in each one of the daily group classes at the facility. HammerOut tries to make everyone feel welcomed, heard, important and confident in the workouts they are doing by having coaches with them every step of their workout every time they come into class. We pride ourselves on being able to diversify our training with everyone from the stay at home mom to the top athlete and still be able to get a great workout in and never putting the importance of one athlete over the other.

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