If you have hit a plateau, gotten bored, run out of ideas, not getting enough support, have a lack of drive in your workout routine or just not sure if what you are doing is right, then group trained CrossFit classes at HammerOut is a good place to start …and enjoy staying.

Most of our classes will begin with a workout inspired General Warm-up that is designed to warm the body, joints and muscles up for the weightlifting and WOD (workout of that day).

After every warm up our class moves immediately into a programmed weightlifting movement which varies everyday and generally consist of an Olympic lift or accessory exercise to get your body stronger and more powerful.

Our workouts are never done until we finish the day with a Met-con (metabolic conditioning). Our Met-cons are the real essence of CrossFit by bringing a high intensity, high heart rate, functional workout in a group class that is typically time oriented to really make sure you are pushing against yourself as well as getting the support from the people around you.

…and have fun!